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EastBay Home Health Services

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Medical Social Worker 

Our Medical Social Workers  (MSW) assess and help the patient manage their emotional and support needs. EastBay MSWs may provide home counselling, patient education on managing social, emotional and financial challenges,  and access to community resources that will improve their emotional well being . 

​ EASTBAY can create a care and recovery plan for home bound individuals in one or more of the following areas:  

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Skilled Nursing Care

Our Registered Nurses create and supervise a comprehensive care and recovery plan for homebound individuals based on their Physician’s assessments and recommendations.  Skilled nursing care may include Wound care, Medication Supervision, Catheter Changes , Respiratory Care , injections , education for caregivers, fall and infection prevention, CVAD and antibiotic therapy. 

Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapists  create and supervise a rehabilitation plan to help the patient manage their pain from injuries, improve motor functions, coordination,  strength and overall mobility. Physical Therapy may include fall prevention education, home exercises, heat and cold therapy, instructions on how to properly use prosthetic, orthopedic and other assistive mobility devices.

Certified Home Health aide 

Our Certified Home Health Aides help the patient  manage their everyday tasks and living needs.This may include assisting patients with their grooming, personal hygiene and toileting.  Certified home health aides also help fulfill the care and recovery plans prepared for the patients by their clinician and nurse.   

Speech Therapy

Our speech therapists help the patient rehabilitate their speech after an injury or illness. Speech therapists will create and facilitate therapeutic exercises and instructions that will help the patient improve their ability to communicate verbally. Speech Therapy may include assessing swallowing disorders and providing psychosocial support. 

Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapists (OT) help patients transition into independent life as they recover from injury or hospitalization. Our OTs teach patients ways to safely do everyday activities, conserve their energy, bathe, use assistitative/restorative tools and social services to truly be independent and work with their caregivers in regaining strength.